Upcoming UK event – Groundwater, poverty and development

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Save the date: Friday 28th November 2014
Timing: 0900 – 1700, lunch provided.
Place: Overseas Development Institute, 203 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8NJ, UK

To register to attend, or watch online, visit: www.odi.org/events/4037-groundwater-poverty-development and click on “Register”

This one-day meeting, jointly convened by the UPGro Knowledge Broker Team and ODI’s Water Policy Programme, will showcase current research and practice concerning groundwater and its role in poverty alleviation and development. The meeting will highlight research needs and identify good practices.

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Roads for Water: Effecting Change in Tigray, Ethiopia

from the WaterChannel:

Question: How can dusty roads provide water?
Answer: By harvesting and storing rainwater when it falls on them. 

A 30 mm rainfall over a 1-kilometre stretch of road can produce up to 100,000 litres of water. This number points to a huge potential. And not one that has not been adequately tapped (around 7 billion USD are spent on road construction in sub-Saharan Africa alone).

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High-Tech meets Low-Tech: Using remote sensing to help manual drilling

Drilling for water can be expensive: it can cost up to £10,000 to drill a borehole that will have a £500 handpump installed on it.  However, there are alternatives – manual drilling methods are often most effective and just as good quality, but the challenge for the drillers is knowing where they can find good quality water.

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