Forthcoming events

UPGro is planning to have presence at some events during 2016 and organise a few of our own:

Africa Water Week 2016, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (July, 2016)

There will be a strong UPGro presence at this event as part the strategy of engaging with African political leaders and key decision-makers.

Groundwater: Managing our Hidden Asset, Birmingham, UK (13-14 Sep, 2016)

A two-day conference to celebrate the International Association of Hydrogeologists 60th anniversary and the Geological Society Year of Water, hosted by the University of Birmingham. Professor Carter will be presenting UPGro.

43rd IAH Congress, Montpellier, France (25-29 Sep, 2016)

W. Mike Edmunds Memorial Lecture, Oxford, UK (3 Nov, 2016): Prof. Alan MacDonald

7th RWSN Forum, Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire (29 Nov – 2 Dec, 2016)

Skat, as UPGro Knowledge Brokers and RWSN Secretariat will be lead organiser of the RWSN Forum, which is the premier global rural water supply event, held every 5 years.

Past events

Also see “Webinars and Films” for online presentations of UPGro work

Reporting Deadlines
  • Reports to NERC are due in February and end of July of each years
  • Reports to the PEB on performance against the programme Logical Framework are due each August.


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