Africa Groundwater Literature Archive – beta version now online


This archive of groundwater literature for Africa is being developed as part of the Africa Groundwater Atlas project, through the Unlocking the Potential for Groundwater for the Poor (UPGro) research programme.

The Africa Groundwater Atlas project will make available

  • an archive of groundwater literature related to Africa, searchable by country and keywords
  • a web-based atlas summarising the hydrogeology of each African country in maps and text
  • a printed atlas of the hydrogeology of Africa

The Archive is a searchable database of references of groundwater literature, both published (e.g. journal papers) and unpublished (e.g. reports by individual organisations). This beta version is a work in progress: it will be improved and added to during 2014 and 2015.

As far as possible, the Archive will make available full text documents of reports that are hard to access in other ways. In this beta version, many of the available full text documents are British Geological Survey reports on hydrogeological and related projects in Africa, as well as reports by other organisations. The Archive also contains references of published journal articles, although does not yet include full bibliographic references or links to these articles elsewhere online. During this project we will be adding many more indexed references, attaching many more full text documents, including full bibliographic references and links to key documents available elsewhere online, and improving the search facilities.

This beta version of the archive includes 5089 references related to groundwater in Africa, most of which are unpublished ‘grey literature’: reports, manuals and maps of groundwater, hydrogeology, geology and hydrology. Most of the literature in this beta version derives from groundwater exploration, research and development projects on which the British Geological Survey (BGS) worked from the 1970s to the present day, often in collaboration with other national and international organisations, and many of the references in the current archive are BGS project reports. At present, 1136 of the references in the archive are freely available to download from this site as PDF documents. This website will be periodically updated during this project as we make many more available.

Please feel free to send us any feedback you have on the content, functionality and format of these webpages and the Archive, via the contact page. Your comments and suggestions help to improve the final version.

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