Sustaining groundwater safety in peri-urban areas

Domestic groundwater safety in Kisumu, Kenya

The problem: As urban populations outgrow the ability of utilities to supply piped water, the growing dependence on privately developed urban groundwater raises questions of water safety for consumers.

The approach: Examination of past records of groundwater quality, field studies of present water quality, and projections and expert modelling of possible futures.

Key findings: Urban groundwater use has remained high over the study period (1999-2014). Risks to water safety have increased, according to sanitary surveys. Groundwater quality data tells a less clear story. Future (to 2030) risks may be highest in small towns and peri-urban settlements.

Where? Kenya

Consortium grant? No.

Principal Investigator: Dr James Wright (University of Southampton)

Research Team:

  • Steve Pedley, University of Surrey
  • Lorna G. Okotto, JOOUST
  • Joseph Okotto-Okotto, VIRED

Research Organisations:

  • University of Southampton Grant NE/L001853/1
  • University of Surrey
  • Jaramogi Oginga University of Science and Technology (JOOUST)
  • Victoria Institute for Research on Environment and Development International (VIRED)

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