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PAMACC News Agency/Isaiah Esipisu (2020) Hand-pumps for deeper groundwater key to climate resilience for rural communities, 10 March

PAMACC News Agency/Isaiah Esipisu (2020) Ministerial body goes underground in search for water solution amid climate change, 10 March

El Pais / Nuria Ferrer Ramos (2019) Cómo gestionar el agua subterránea de forma sostenible para resistir la sequía, 12 Feb

Ghana News Agency (2020) Dodowa residents prone to diseases from contaminated wells – Research, 30 January

GhanaWeb (2020) T-Group to assist government agenda on sanitation, 31st January


The Conversation/Nuria Ferrer Ramos (2019) Groundwater supplies on Kenya’s coast must be managed for people and industry, 22 October

IWA – The Source (2019) Policy priorities for the boom in urban private wells, 25 November 2019

GeoDrilling International/Sean Furey (2019) Floods with silver linings: Redefining how aquifers replenish in dryland Africa, 20 November 2019

The Conversation (2019) Groundwater reserves in Africa may be more resilient to climate change than first thought, 7 August, reproduced:

Nature (2019) The future of groundwater in sub-Saharan Africa, 7 August 2019

IPS/Isaiah Esipisu (2019) Extreme Floods, the Key to Climate Change Adaptation in Africa’s Drylands,

The East African/Isaiah Esipisu (2019) Extreme floods bring good tidings to Tanzania city, 20-26 July 2019

Interpress News Agency/Isaiah Esipisu (2018) Avoiding the Mistakes of the Asian Green Revolution in Africa, 11 July 2019, re-produced in:


PAMACC/Isaiah Esipisu (2018) Scientists interrogate why boreholes often fail soon after construction, 24 July 2018

The Daily Nation/Isaiah Esipisu (2018) Let’s tap underground water with caution, 19 July 2018

El País/Isaiah Esipisu, Robert Carmichael (2018) Kenia busca agua bajo sus pies, 19 July 2018

PAMACC/Isaiah Esipisu (2018) Young African geology researchers share experiences on an international platform, 12 July 2018

Reuters/Isaiah Esipisu (2018) Kenya takes a look into the unknown: Its underground water reserves, 2 July 2018:


GeoDrilling International/Sean Furey (2017) Politics of Water, December 2017

Science, Vol 358, Issue 6366, 24 November (2017) Valuing water for sustainable development, pp. 1003-1005 DOI: 10.1126/science.aao4942, Dustin E. Garrick, Jim W. Hall, Andrew Dobson, Richard Damania, R. Quentin Grafton, Robert Hope, Cameron Hepburn, Rosalind Bark, Frederick Boltz, Lucia De Stefano, Erin O’Donnell, Nathanial Matthews, Alex Money

ITV Tanzania television news (2017) Segment on GroFutures work (in Swahili), September 2017

GeoDrilling International/Sean Furey (2017) Opportunities rising, cities sinking, July/August 2017

GeoDrilling International/Sean Furey (2017) Digging deep to survive drought, May 2017

GeoDrilling International (2017) Fossil groundwater vulnerable to modern contamination, May 2017

BBC (2017) ‘Fossil’ groundwater’s modern secret, 26 April 2017

Science News (2017) ‘Fossil’ groundwater is not immune to modern-day pollution, 25 April 2017

Seeker (2017) Humans Are Threatening the World’s Supply of ‘Fossil’ Groundwater, 25 April 2017

Water Canada (2017) New Research Suggests Water Scarcity Measurement Flawed, 22 March 2017

Climate Reporters (2017) New JMP report opens new vistas on safe water, 22 March 2017

ITV News (2017) Working towards preventing famine in the future, 16 March 2017

Environmental Technology (2017) Can Water Pumps’ “Good Vibrations” Help Determine Groundwater Levels?, 15 March 2017

GeoDrilling International/Kerstin Danert (2017) Africa’s ultimate resource, March 2017, p6-7

World Pumps (2017) ‘Smart’ hand pumps help monitor Africa’s groundwater resources, 1 March 2017

The Economist (2017) Pay as you drink – An innovative cure for broken water pumps in Africa: New technology uses big data to keep the taps flowing, 28 February (2017) ‘Smart handpumps’ predict depths of groundwater in Africa, 28 February,

BBC (2017) ‘Good vibration’ hand pumps boost Africa’s water security, 24 February 2017

Engineering for Change/Stephanie Potts (2017) Charitable Foundations Have a Unique Opportunity to Change the WASH Sector. 6 February 2017

NERC Planet Earth stories (2017)  On the road to resilience in Ethiopia, 12 January 2017, re-posted by the Global Resilience Partnership.


Geoblogy/Helen Bonsor (2016) UPGro: Hidden Crisis – the story so far…by Helen Bonsor, 21 December 2016

International Mining (2016) Making African groundwater visible, 5 December 2016

Groundwater Canada (2016) UPGro creates Africa ground water atlas, 28 September 2016

Usemi Wetu – Base Titanium quarterly newsletter (2016) Groundwater Risk Management, Issue 14,  July – September 2016

Lusaka Times (2016) Ethiopia: Data Farming – How Ethiopian Farmers Harvest Data to Help Their Crops 25 August 2016

Lusaka Times (2016) Africa Groundwater Atlas: “X” marks the spot, but where’s the map?,  24 August 2016 (re-produced by the Zimbabwe Star)

WatSan Perspective (2016) Africa Groundwater Atlas: “X” Marks the Spot, But Where’s The Map? 24 August 2016

WatSan Perspective (2016) Ethiopia: Data Farming – How Ethiopian Farmers Harvest Data to Help Their Crops 24 August 2016

The Guardian/Oliver Balch (2016) Africa droughts prompt calls to start pumping untapped groundwater, 18 August 2016  (re-produced by others:

GeoDrilling International/Sean Furey (2016) Refilling the wells: Sean Furey discusses cutting-edge research that is unlocking the potential of tropical aquifers, May 2016 [Page 1: Page 2]

Environmental Research Web/Liz Kalaugher (2016) Intense rain recharges tropical aquifers, 3 May 2016

The Guardian/Katherine Purvis (2016) How do you solve a problem like a broken water pump? 22 March 2016

Dutch Water Sector (2016) IGRAC embarks on study to map groundwater potential for more irrigation in Tanzania, 30 March 2016

WatSan Perspective (2016) 2016 Water Day: African Aquifers Can Protect Against Climate Change, 22 March 2016

Daily Nation/Nic Cheeseman & Johanna Koehler (2016) To attain water security, draw on the 3 streams of finance, groundwork, climate, 6 February 2016

IGRAC (2016) Using groundwater to reduce poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa

Prof. Alan MacDonald (BGS/ Hidden Crisis) gives his opinion on new (non- UPGro) groundwater research: “Shallow groundwater poses pollution problem for Africa” SciDev


Terra Daily (2015) Tropical groundwater resources resilient to climate change, 17 December 2015

Azo CleanTech (2015) Groundwater resources in tropics resilient to climate change, new study reveals, 14 December 2015 (2015) Tropical groundwater resources may be climate-resilient: study, 12 December 2015

Science 2.0 (2015) Tropical Groundwater Resources Resilient To Climate Change, 11 December 2015

Eureka Alert (2015) Tropical groundwater resources resilient to climate change, 11 December 2015 (2015) Tropical groundwater resources resilient to climate change, 11 December 2015

Science Daily (2015) Tropical groundwater resources resilient to climate change, 11 December 2015

Damkjaer S. and Taylor R (2015) Commentary on SDG 6.4: Continued Lack of Storage Considerations in Water Scarcity Metrics, Circle of Blue, 1 November 2015

The Guardian / (2015) “Future perfect: resilience challenge winners tackle perennial problems” 12 October 2015

World Water: Stormwater Management (2015) “Collecting Water with Roads” October / November 2015

The Conversation/Gaathier Mahed “Africa’s aquifers aren’t being protected as they should” 28 October 2015

World Water “Field-based tryptophan sensor maps drinking water quality” September/October 2015

University of Reading (2015) Research: Is climate change making groundwater supplies in Sub-Saharan Africa less reliable?

Kalaugher E. (2015) TALKING POINT: Research follow-up: assessing groundwater beneath Africa, Environmental Research Web, 6 October 2015

Farming Today (2015) A watershed evolving, September 2015 (online article / full magazine)

Lusaka Times (2015) Groundbreaking water research in Zambia, 19 Aug 2015

World Highways (2015) Water from roads? A new road design can improve local water supplies, July/August 2015

Chelsea Technologies Group Ltd. (2015) British Geological Survey use UviLux Tryptophan sensor to monitor contamination of groundwaters in Africa, 11 June 2015

WatSan Perspective (2015) Zambia: Study Finds Shallow Groundwater Unsafe, 18 Aug 2015

University of Sussex (2015) Sussex and IDS researchers start new project on sustainable groundwater in Africa

UPGro (2015) UPGro Catalyst Projects: Synthesis and individual project summaries. April 2015. 40pp. 

UNESCO-IHE (undated, 2015 estimate) “Innovations for Water and Development” : “21 Roads for Water”, UNESCO-IHE, Delft, Netherlands.


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