AMGRAF: Adaptive management of groundwater in Africa


The problem: Productive use of groundwater in Africa offers many opportunities. Much information on groundwater exists in the form of global remote sensing products, while local indigenous knowledge also has much to offer. These two information sources need to be combined with hydrological modelling and appropriate social and governance systems to achieve sustainable development and to assure equitable access to the resource by the poor.

The approach: A multi-scale, multi-disciplinary approach was taken, including water resource monitoring by community members, modelling and social science studies.

Key findings: Potential exists for shallow groundwater irrigation. Simple water balance models and community monitoring can be used with appropriate governance systems for local adaptive resource management.


  • Ethiopia

Principal Investigator:

John Gowing, Newcastle University

Mr Demis Alamirew Ayenew, Geological Survey of Ethiopia (Co-I)

Dr Simon Langan, International Water Management Institute (Co-I)

Research Organisations:

Research Team:

  • Dr Geoff Parkin, Newcastle University
  • Dr Liz Oughton, Newcastle University
  • Dr Jaime Amezaga, Newcastle University
  • Dr Emmanuel Obuobie, Water Research Institute (CSIR)
  • Dr Nebo Jovanovic, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), South Africa
  • Dr Karen Villholth, IWMI

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