GroFutures: Groundwater Futures in Sub-Saharan Africa

The problem: Despite the importance of groundwater for growth and development, substantial uncertainty concerning the renewability, accessibility and management of groundwater resources remains.

The approach: Quantifying changes in groundwater demand and supply. Development of an interdisciplinary, pan-African consortium to prepare a consortium research proposal for more in-depth research. Identifying long-term groundwater data-sets.

Catalyst Phase Key findings: Multi-decadal groundwater level time series have been compiled. A strong collaborative network has been established to take the consortium research forward.

Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Africa-wide

Consortium grant? Yes – visit the GroFutures Consortium

Principal Investigator: Professor Richard Taylor, (University College London, UCL)

Research Team:

  • Dr Karen G. Villholth, IWMI
  • Dr Neno Kukurić, IGRAC
  • Dr Japhet J. Kashaigili, Sokoine University of Agriculture
  • Dr Emmanuel Obuobie, Ghana Water Research Institute
  • Dr Tenalem Ayenew, Addis Ababa University
  • Roger Calow, ODI
  • Josephine Tucker, ODI
  • Dr Martin Todd, University of Sussex

Research Organisations:

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