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Survey 1 Country Reports

  • Kebede, S.; MacDonald, A.M.; Bonsor, H.C; Dessie, N.; Yehualaeshet, T.; Wolde, G.; Wilson, P.; Whaley, L.; Lark, R.M.. 2017.  UPGro Hidden Crisis Research Consortium : unravelling past failures for future success in Rural Water Supply. Survey 1 Results, Country Report Ethiopia. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 17pp. (OR/17/024).
  • Owor, M.; MacDonald, A.M.; Bonsor, H.C.; Okullo, J.; Katusiime, F.; Alupo, G.; Berochan, G.; Tumusiime, C.; Lapworth, D.; Whaley, L.; Lark, R.M.. 2017. UPGro Hidden Crisis Research Consortium. Survey 1 Country Report, Uganda. British Geological Survey, 18pp. (OR/17/029).
  • Mwathunga, E.; MacDonald, A.M.; Bonsor, H.C.; Chavula, G.; Banda, S.; Mleta, P.; Jumbo, S.; Gwengweya, G.; Ward, J.; Lapworth, D.; Whaley, L.; Lark, R.M.. 2017. UPGro Hidden Crisis Research Consortium. Survey 1 Country Report, Malawi. British Geological Survey, 19pp. (OR/17/046).

Survey 2 Forensic Water Point Country Reports

Political Economy Analysis Reports

District Sustainability Assessments

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Briefings using UPGro findings

Groundwater briefings


Project Reports

2018 Lapworth, D.J.Sorensen, J.P.R.. 2018 BGS-UKRI briefing note: tryptophan-like fluorescence (TLF) as a rapid in-situ screening tool for assessing faecal contamination risk in groundwater. Wallingford, UK, British Geological Survey, 6pp. (OR/18/058) (Unpublished) Various
2018 Lapworth, D.J.Stuart, M.E.Pedley, S.Nkhuwa, D.C.W.Tijani, M.N.. 2017 A review of urban groundwater use and water quality challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 133pp. (OR/17/056) (Unpublished) Mapping groundwater quality degradation beneath growing rural towns in Sub-Saharan Africa
2015 Thomson P., Greeff H., Colchester F, Clifton D. and Hope R. A.(2015): “Distributed Monitoring of Shallow Aquifer Level using Community Handpumps” Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, Water Programme, August 2015 Gro for GooD
2014 Meta Meta / Addis Ababa University (2014)Improving access to safe drinking water: Prospection for low-fluoride sources.” Brief report presenting main findings – Addis Ababa”, August 2014 , Meta Meta Research Roads for Water
2014 Steenbergen, F. van, K. Woldearegay, H.M. van Beusekom, D. Garcia Landarte, and M. Al-Abyadh (2014) “How to Make Water Wise Roads” IFAD, Rome Roads for Water
2014 Oxford/RFL (2014) “From Rights to Results in Rural Water Services – Evidence from Kyuso, Kenya”. Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, Water Programme, Working Paper 1, Oxford University, UK. Gro for GooD
2014 Luedeling, E. and J. De Leeuw (2014) Water for Wajir. Decision modeling for the Habaswein-Wajir Water Supply Project in Northern Kenya” , August 2014 , World Agroforestry Centre , Nairobi, Kenya ARIGA
 2014 “Report on the hydrogeological investigation in Dangila woreda, Ethiopia”, Newcastle University  AMGRAF
 2014 “Preliminary assessment of policies, regulations and institutions required for management
of shallow groundwater at local community level in Dangila woreda, Ethiopia”
, Newcastle University
 2014 Livelihoods and the institutional context: potential opportunities and constraints associated with community management of shallow groundwater irrigation”, Newcastle University”  AMGRAF
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