Africa Groundwater Research

9th December 2014

Jan de Leeuw (presenter)
Dr Jan de Leeuw, World Forestry Centre (presenter)
John Chilton, BGS/IAH (Presenter)
John Chilton, IAH (Presenter)
Dr John Gowing, Newcastle University (Discussant)
John Gowing, Newcastle University (Discussant)

In this webinar, Jan de Leeuw presented his project’s work in developing and using a decision-support tool to enable a municipality to quantify the risk of developing a major new groundwater source from the Merti Aquifer, in Kenya. John Chilton presented disturbing evidence from Uganda about why handpumps fail and that some of the major problems come from poor installation and supervision in the first place – thus giving communities an uphill struggle to manage their water source sustainably. In the debate afterwards, John Gowing, of the AMGRAF project, and the participants asked some searching questions.

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