Mapping Groundwater Quality for Decision-Makers

25 November 2014

In this webinar, Pauline Smedley from the British Geological Survey presents the work done to get a better understanding of the occurance of high natural fluoride in the groundwater of the Ethiopian Rift Valley. High fluoride damages teeth and bones, particularly in children, but there are limited alternate source of water. Dr Jim Wright of Southampton University presents the work done by his colleagues in Kenya on mapping and understanding the changes to urban groundwater in Kisumu, with a focus on understanding the risks to the shallow groundwater – that feed numerous wells – from man-made pollution.

In a lively debate and Q&A session that follows, Dr Rob Hope from Oxford University, adds his reflections based on their UPGro work, also in Kenya.

Dr Pauline Smedley, British Geological Survey
Dr Pauline Smedley, British Geological Survey (Presenter)
Dr Jim Wright, Southampton University (Presenter)
Dr Robert Hope, Oxford University (Discussant)
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