UPGro Impact: Designing roads for groundwater recharge and erosion control is expanding across Ethiopia and being introduced in Uganda and Kenya [D1]

Road runoff is a major problem in the tropics because heavy rainfall can lead to rapid soil erosion, which causes multiple problems.

An UPGro catalyst project turned the problem into a solution by testing new road drainage designs in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia, that channel the runoff into filtration ponds and swales, thus reducing flooding and increasing groundwater recharge for use by road-side farmers later in the year. This successful approach has been adopted by the Tigray roads authority and elsewhere in Ethiopia (9).

Since the end of their grant, the Roads for Water consortium have won awards and attracted further funding to investigate develop and scale-up these approaches in Bangladesh, Tajikistan, Nepal, Bolivia, and Yemen and is currently focused on Kenya. The lead partner, Meta Meta Research co-developed a detailed manual with the World Bank (8).

Roads for Water: The Pitch (Roads for Water Learning Alliance)
Overview of road recharge techniques (Meta Meta Research)
IRF webinar: Green Roads for Water – Resilience approaches around rural roads (2020)

Further information
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