UPGro Impact: UPGro discovers untapped groundwater resources for Kwale County Water Master Plan, Kenya [D4]

Detailed groundwater investigations by the Gro for GooD team in Kenya identified new and significant groundwater resources in the Msambweni area of Kwale County, Kenya. This is an agricultural area with a growing tourist industry where domestic, commercial and agricultural demand for water is increasing.

The Kwale County Water Master Plan (KCWMP) aims to exploit these groundwater resources through the development of two new municipal water supplies. The KCWMP is linked to the Kenya Water Security and Climate Resilience Programme, funded by the World Bank, which aims to improve water resource development and strengthen water sector institutions in the country.

Part of this funding has been allocated to Kwale County and will support the drilling and development of the new municipal water supplies in Msambweni.

Increased water security in this part of Kwale County has been achieved through an improved understanding of the groundwater resources. This highlights the potential value of high-quality science and data to inform water resource development and management.

Further information
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