New version released of serious game ‘The Groundwater Game’

from IGRAC

A new version has been launched of The Groundwater Game. Within the framework of the GroFutures project, the previous version was further developed, resulting in an improved integration of game results in the presentation and the development of two apps. 

About the game

Created in 2008, The Groundwater Game is a serious game around the dilemma of the individual use of a common resource, in this case groundwater, and the impacts of collective action. This game revolves around a community of farmers who irrigate their crops with groundwater and together will have to find the best strategies to prosper while maintaining a sustainable use of the common resource.  

New developments

Screenshot of the desktop app
Screenshot of the desktop app

In 2016, game sessions were held in Niger and Tanzania as part of the GroFutures project. The positive feedback from these sessions resulted in the improvement of the game interface and the new version is now being released. The last updates of the game were developed by IGRAC and the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) and included the development of two groundwater game apps: Groundwater manager app and Groundwater player app.

Interested in the game?

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