UPGro evidence and approaches into a UNICEF guideline and an online course on drilling professionalisation, with WaterAid, UNICEF and UNHCR [C2]

UNICEF and UNHCR are major actors in global WASH, from high level policy to in-country implementation. Both have acknowledged challenges with drilling good quality boreholes that can supply communities and refugee camps safely and sustainably. Good practice guidelines, developed by Skat Foundation (UPGro Knowledge Broker) and UNICEF were reinforced by the evidence and methods emerging from UPGro that the measures being proposed were actually targeting the right areas of concern. The outputs of this collaboration have been a UNICEF Guidance Note (in English and French), two online courses with UNDP CapNet with 100 participants, with a large proportion of relevant project staff from UNICEF, UNHCR, WaterAid and Oxfam.

  • Danert K., Gesti Canuto J. (2016) Professional Water Well Drilling. A UNICEF Guidance Note , Unicef , Skat Foundation


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