Groundwater Game as an effective tool for stakeholder engagement and collaborative planning [C6]

Building consensus was done with the Groundwater Game in Tanzania to guide groundwater monitoring and management. In Tanzania, the GroFutures research team also engages regularly with users in the Great Ruaha River Sub-Catchment of the Rufiji Basin through it Learning Platform that includes collaborative workshops and field research.

In April (2016) at a workshop held in southern highlands Tanzania (Iringa) involving Water-Users Associations (e.g. Chimala, Kimani) and drilling companies, the GroFutures team discussed directly with users (and stakeholders) proposed and potential groundwater development pathways that might best reduce poverty.

As with the research activities Niger, The Groundwater Game was played to help researchers, users and stakeholders reach a common consensus about the key challenges for groundwater management and research.

The Groundwater Game is now available for general use from IGRAC.


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