Strengthening monitoring network and analytical capacity in Kwale Country, Kenya and the Water Resources Authority (WRA) [C10]

The Gro for GooD team supported the development of the KCWMP through ongoing engagement and sharing of data with the County Government and its consultants.

Data from the Gro for GooD investigations, which included geophysical surveys, geological mapping and environmental monitoring, were shared openly through team members permanently based in Kwale County.

One of the Gro for GooD hydrogeologists is now managing the drilling of the new municipal water supply boreholes on behalf of the County Government.
Components of the Gro for GooD environmental monitoring network have also been adopted into the Water Resources Authority (WRA) national hydro-meteorological monitoring network.

Gro for GooD partner, Rural Focus Ltd, has been contracted to work with the WRA and Kwale County Ministry of Water and Environment. They are informing the redesign of the national monitoring network, which will monitor both surface water and groundwater quality and quantity, and have made specific contributions to the regional Athi Basin Plan regarding groundwater availability in the Msambweni area.

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