Technical brief now available – Project approach for defining and assessing rural water supply functionality and levels of performance

The Hidden Crisis project team have now published a Technical Brief on the methods developed and used by the project to assess rural water supply functionality and levels of performance – now available from here. This technical brief is aimed…

African governments acknowledging the Hidden Crisis

Survey results of rural water points in Uganda, Ethiopia and Malawi presented to government ministry chiefs
'Functionality' of a water point is more than a binary is water flow at the time of inspection? YES/NO
Government partners see the value in how the research can improve monitoring and evaluation of rural water supplies

Call for standard approach to assessing water supply functionality

New UPGro paper “The need for a standard approach to assessing the functionality of rural community water supplies” by  Helen Bonsor,  Alan MacDonald, Vincent Casey, Richard Carter and Paul Wilson. The Sustainable Development Goals have set an agenda for…