IPCC: “Increased precipitation intensities have enhanced groundwater recharge, most notably in tropical regions (medium confidence)”

Eight UPGro papers have been cited in the new IPCC Working Group Report (August 2021) As widely reported, the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has laid out a stark warning on the threat of climate change across the…

Extreme Floods, the Key to Climate Change Adaptation in Africa’s Drylands

According to scientists, understanding the nexus of climate extremes and groundwater replenishment is vital for sustainability. This improved understanding is also critical for producing reliable climate change impact projections and adaptation strategies.

The new study also found that unlike drylands, where leakage from seasonal streams, rivers and ponds replenish groundwater, in humid areas groundwater is replenished primarily by rainfall directly infiltrating the land surface.

Professor Yahaya Nazoumou: Groundwater central to Niger’s climate change resilience

re-posted from GroFutures [INTERVIEWER] Dr. Mohammad Shamsudduha or “Shams”, GroFutures Project Manager: thank you Professor Nazoumou for taking the time to discuss your involvement in GroFutures and how your work in the Iullemmeden Basin is making an impact on the…