New Paper: Contribution of physical factors to handpump borehole functionality in Africa

The latest from the Hidden Crisis project: Highlights Functionality classifications were used to assess the role of physical factors on handpump borehole (HPB) performance. Hydrogeology, borehole configuration and handpump (HP) components were examined by dismantling 145 HPBs. Handpump components are…

UPGro Hidden Crisis fieldwork done in partnership with WaterAid country teams and with full support of government ministries in Ethiopia, Malawi and Uganda, who adopted the survey reports [C8]

Research conducted in Uganda revealed the high rate of pump corrosion to the poorly galvanized iron pipes used for borehole installation. This has enabled WaterAid to deliver this message to the key stakeholders that can effect change to reduce the…

UPGro Science: Participatory, community-led approaches, such as Transition Management, can provide new and collaborative ways of using and managing urban groundwater [S13]

Transition Management has shown to enhance social learning, empower communities to develop solutions, and build trust between stakeholders.

New paper: Drinking water quality from rural handpump-boreholes in Africa

Open Access here: Groundwater provides a vital source of drinking water for rural communities in many parts of Africa, particularly in the dry season when there are few safe alternative sources. This paper summarises results from a study (n…

Drilling dialogues: conversations about drilling professionalism and the rise of the off-grid city

by Adrian Healy, Cardiff University, UK The African Water Association Congress 2020 witnessed an increasing focus on the important role groundwater plays in urban water supplies across Africa. It was my pleasure to facilitate two lively panel debates on what…

Ministerial body goes underground in search for water solution amid climate change

KAMPALA, Uganda (PAMACC News) - As climatic conditions continue to disrupt normal rainfall patterns, drying up rivers and streams, the African Ministers’ Council on Water is now seeking to understand groundwater, following numerous studies that have shown that it is key to building resilience.

Meet Joseph Okullo, a groundwater research scientist in the making

Interview and photos by Isaiah Esipisu With a Masters degree in geology from Makerere University, Joseph Okullo landed a consultancy job, to assist UPGro team in Uganda as a physical scientist. Since then, his star has been glowing brighter and…

Groundwater could be the solution to contaminated Kampala slum water crisis

by Isaiah Esipisu After a recent study discovered traces of dangerous viruses including cancer causing pathogens in shallow groundwater in Kampala slums, residents of Makerere 2 Zone C can finally breathe a sigh of relief as further studies indicate that…

Live Now: #AfWAGroundwater2020

We are really excited that today, in Kampala, is the kick-off a week of activities to promote, show and discuss the opportunities and challenges of using groundwater for rural and urban water supply, and for environmental and economic sustainability. This is part of the African Minister’s Council on Water (AMCOW) new Pan-African Groundwater Program, which was launched in Nairobi in October last year, in partnership with UPGro (Unlocking the Potential of Groundwater for the Poor), GRIPP, BGR and the Africa Groundwater Network and the Sustainable Groundwater Development Theme of RWSN.

From a dream of becoming a Medical Doctor to a Civil Engineer – the Career Journey of Jennifer Isoke

Jennifer Brenda Isoke is a Ugandan female Civil Engineer with a purpose. Given her vast knowledge and experience, Isoke has been part of the UPGro team of researchers under the T-Group.