A+ for UPGro

Each year we have to provide a detailed progress report on how UPGro is doing to the Programme Executive Board (comprising NERC, DFID and ESRC). The scoring system works as follows:

A++      Substantially exceeds expectations
A+       Exceeds expectations
A        Met expectations
B        Moderately did not reach expectations
C        Substantially did not reach expectations.

From 2013 to 2016, UPGro scored “A” so we are delighted that DFID have confirmed  that for this year the score is “A+”, and within that Output 4 “Current and potential groundwater users participate and influence the UPGro research and are presented with the findings” scored “A++”

 The final draft review report noted “This is an improvement on the A rating awarded in previous years, reflecting largely an improvement in the demonstrable uptaking of UPGro research, influencing stakeholders”  The final public version of the report will be posted here https://devtracker.dfid.gov.uk/projects/GB-1-203774/documents in the coming weeks, alongside the reports from previous years.

A huge thanks to all 137 UPGro researchers, plus students and research partners.

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