Next week: AMCOW’s Pan-Africa Groundwater Program – A Roadmap to Resilience

Tuesday 25 August 
| 16:00-16:45

Groundwater is key to safe water supply and climate resilience. This event showcases the African Ministers’ Council on Water’s (AMCOW) recent commitment to focus, through its Pan Africa Groundwater Program (APAGRoP), on groundwater to secure water for Africa in an insecure future setting of climate change and population growth.

Groundwater sustains communities across Africa in terms of access to safe water and safely managed sanitation. The strategic importance of groundwater for water security will intensify under climate change as more frequent and intense climate extremes increase variability in precipitation, soil moisture, and surface water. The role that groundwater plays in adapting to hydrologic variability and climate change, and the fact that groundwater is also vulnerable to climate change and hydrological variability, will critically shape the analytical foundation, knowledge base, policies and strategic actions, and the cooperative management and development of the resource within a wider IWRM approach.

The African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW), as part of its broader mandate and responding to a longer-term demand, is embarking on a concerted initiative, the AMCOW Pan-African Groundwater Program (APAGroP), aiming at strengthening the continental focus and collaboration around groundwater.

This event will give an overview of APAGroP, its strategy, roadmap and plans while demonstrating the institutional process and aligned support mechanisms under establishment to build and provide the capacity, tools, and delivery mechanisms to enhance groundwater management in Africa at local to national and continental scale. It will give introduction to and indication of early achievements of the program.


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