UPGro at the 43rd IAH Congress, Montpellier

Many UPGro researchers will be assembling in Montpellier, France for the 43rd Congress of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH).

If you are going, looking out for the following presentations (the abstract links won’t work until after 25 September). You can find the full online programme on the event website: www.60iah2016.org/en/programme/final-programme

UPGro Consortium Projects

Episodic groundwater recharge in a semi-arid environment- assessing the impact of the 2015 16 El Ni–o in Central Tanzania

Seddon David United Kingdom (speaker), Taylor Richard United Kingdom, Kashaigili JaphetTanzania, Todd Martin United Kingdom, Cuthbert Mark United Kingdom

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A pan-African inter-comparison of the relationship between precipitation and groundwater recharge from in-situ observations and large-scale models

Shamsudduha Mohammad United Kingdom (speaker), Taylor Richard United Kingdom, Owor Michael Uganda, Todd Martin United Kingdom, Wada Yoshihide USA, Lo Min-hui Taiwan, Müller Schmied Hannes Germany, Dšll Petra Germany, Rodell Matthew USA, Jasechko Scott Canada, Favreau Guillaume France, Macdonald Alan United Kingdom, Bridget Scanlon USA

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Mapping local groundwater flow systems in the regolith of Dodowa, Ghana

Foppen Jan Willem Netherlands (speaker), Obed Minkah Ghana, George Lutterodt Ghana

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Groundwater quality in an urban alluvial aquifer, Arusha, Tanzania

Foppen Jan Willem Netherlands (speaker), Komakech Hans Tanzania, Kapama Godwin LucasTanzania, Morienyane Tlhoriso Lesotho

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Groundwater quality risks in a densely populated rural coastal area- Kwale, Kenya

Albert Folch Spain (speaker), Nœria Ferrer Spain, Willie Sasaka Kenya, Calvince Wara Kenya, Mike Lane Kenya, Mike Thomas Kenya, Julius Odida Kenya, Dan Olago Kenya, Patrick Thomson United Kingdom, Rob Hope United Kingdom

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Examining functionality and sustainability of groundwater supplies equipped with hand pumps

Macdonald Alan United Kingdom (speaker), Bonsor Helen United Kingdom

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Influence of Bedrocks on Hydraulic Characteristics of Weathered Basement Aquifers- A Case Study from South-Western Nigeria

Tijani Moshood Niyi Nigeria (speaker)

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Groundwater Futures in Sub-Saharan Africa- an integrated approach to assessing sustainable groundwater use for poverty alleviation

Taylor Richard United Kingdom (speaker)

>> Download abstract (2089)

Unlocking the Potential of Interdisciplinary Research on Groundwater

John Thompson United Kingdom (speaker), Dobson Charlie United Kingdom

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Africa Groundwater Atlas and related

An Atlas of Groundwater in Africa

O Dochartaigh Brighid United Kingdom (speaker), Macdonald Alan United Kingdom, Upton KirstyUnited Kingdom, Crane Emily United Kingdom

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Improving groundwater development for rural and urban water supply in Uganda- the role of groundwater mapping

Tindimugaya Callist Uganda (speaker)

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UPGro Catalyst Projects

Groundwater recharge in Africa- identifying critical thresholds

Macdonald Alan United Kingdom (speaker), Bonsor Helen United Kingdom

>> Download abstract (1896)

The importance of heavy rainfall to groundwater recharge in the southwestern Chad basin- evidence from isotopic observations

Goni Ibrahim Baba Nigeria (speaker)

>> Download abstract (1643)

Characterization of shallow aquifers for the identification of suitable zones for manual drilling by integration of different data sources. The experience of UNICEF in Africa

Fussi Fabio Italy (speaker)

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Tryptophan-like fluorescence- an effective real-time indicator of faecal contamination in drinking water

James Sorensen United Kingdom (speaker), Daniel Lapworth United Kingdom, Ben MarchantUnited Kingdom, Steve Pedley United Kingdom

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Work related to UPGro or UPGro researchers

Keynote speaker – Emerging contaminants in groundwater, Dan Lapworth

Global Scale Assessment of Groundwater Contribution to Environmental Flows and Sustainable Groundwater Abstraction Limits for the Sustainable Development Goals

Villholth Karen Grothe South Africa (speaker), Sood Aditya Sri Lanka, Smakhtin Vladimir Sri Lanka, Eriyagama Nishadhi Sri Lanka, Liyanage Nirosha Sri Lanka, Wada Yoshihide The Netherlands, Ebrahim Girma Yimer South Africa, Dickens Chris South Africa

>> Download abstract (1832)

Groundwater recharge and trends in seasonally humid tropics- comparative analysis of sedimentary and basement aquifers in Benin

Kotchoni Daado Olabissi Valerie Benin (speaker), Vouillamoz Jean-michel France, Boukari MoussaBenin, Lawson Fabrice Messan Amen Benin, Adjomayi Philippe Benin, Taylor Richard United kindom

>> Download abstract (1857)

Impact of climate change and human activities on groundwater resources in Kenya- current knowledge and initial findings in Nairobi aquifer system, a strategic aquifer under high pressure

Oiro Samson United Kingdom (speaker), Comte Jean-christophe United Kingdom

>> Download abstract (2096)

Micro-organic groundwater contamination in the Indo-Gangetic aquifer system

Lapworth Dan United Kingdom (speaker), Das Prerona India, Petersen Jade France

>> Download abstract (1771)

Hydrogeological responses to intense groundwater pumping in the Indo-Gangetic Basin- Evidence from environmental tracers

Lapworth Dan United Kingdom (speaker), Macdonald Alan United Kingdom, Taylor Richard United Kingdom, Burgess Willy United Kingdom, Ahmed Kazi Bangladesh, Krishan Gopal India, Mukherjee Abhijit India, Zahid Anwar Bangladesh

>> Download abstract (1775)

Is the provision of on-site sanitation a threat to rural domestic water supplies in India?

James Sorensen United Kingdom (speaker), Dan Lapworth United Kingdom, Ben Marchant United Kingdom, Steve Pedley United Kingdom

>> Download abstract (1425)

An overview of groundwater and sanitation challenges in Kisumu City, Kenya

Olago Daniel Kenya (speaker), Kanoti Japhet Kenya, Opiyo Nobert Kenya, Nyamai ChristoperKenya, Taylor Richard United Kingdom, Dulo Simeon Kenya, Ayah Richard Kenya

>> Download abstract (1894)

Sustaining urban groundwater-fed water supplies and sanitation systems in Africa- case study of Lukaya, Uganda

Owor Michael Uganda (speaker)

>> Download abstract (1923)

Dependence of low-cost urban water and sanitation in Sub-Saharan Africa on conjunctive use of groundwater and shallow subsurface- a town city mega-city inter-comparison

Taylor Richard United Kingdom (speaker), The Afriwatsan Consortium The Afriwatsan Consortium United Kingdom

>> Download abstract (1859)

Shallow groundwater and Self-supply- Potential and the risks as water supply for rural Ethiopians

Mekonta Lemessa Ethiopia (speaker), Butterworth John Ethiopia

>> Download abstract (2446)

Evolution of fluvial, weathered and fractured basement aquifers in Uganda

Tindimugaya Callist Uganda

>> Download abstract (2166)

Use of 222Rn and 18O-2H isotopes in detecting origin of water and in quantifying groundwater inflow rates in an alarmingly growing Lake

Kebede Seifu Ethiopia (speaker), Zewudu Samson Ethiopia, Nakata Masami Japan

>> Download abstract (1599)

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